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Level playing field“Grammar schools will reimpose a social divide at odds with technological advances. We need to think more radically about how to change education.”
…So says Paul Mason in an excellent Opinion piece in the Guardian on Monday (8th Aug 2016) – Paul Mason opinion piece

And how right he is. And the fact is that the technology he refers to is available right now. Technology that enables teachers to continually assess their pupils work in real time and adjust the work they set to suit different learning styles or aptitudes. Technology that enables pupils to continue their engagement with learning at home in a way that is not only dynamic but which lifts engagement and motivation too. Technology that becomes cheaper, more powerful and more accessible every day. Technology that finally starts to level the education playing field for all children regardless of their circumstances. Technology that is part of children’s lives in a way that it never was for their parents and which will play an increasingly significant part in their private and work lives.

The technology we need is already there and some visionary schools are already using it effectively but all too few. Time to offer a world class education for everyone so that we get the best out of every single child at school and close what has become one of the great shames of the UK – one of the widest attainment gaps in the developed world between the wealthy and those in poverty.