Working Together across Gloucestershire to Improve Learning for the County’s Schoolchildren.

Large Enterprise Action Group for Education Gloucestershire.

We were delighted to attend the Large Enterprise Action Group think-tank session to discuss how best to address the learning and education achievement gap that exists in schools in the County.  We heard from Miguel Herdade, Director of Ambition Institute on their purpose in helping educators serving children from disadvantaged backgrounds to keep getting better, as well as helping their teachers and school leaders to become more expert over time.  Andy Bates, Director at Gloucestershire College, provided a tour of the fascinating new Hub8 Cyber Suite and Co-working space for Cyber Skills and Training.  We met with the Florence Nyasamo-Thomas finding out about her for Lives of Colour Projects to encourage diversity across education, providing equality and equity of opportunity for students.  There are lessons to be learned but more importantly, opportunity and resources exist to help schools improve educational outcomes for their pupils.

Thank you to Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce and event sponsor Spirax Sarco for the delicious lunch cooked by the pupils of Gloucestershire College.

If you would like an introduction to Ambition Institute or Lives of Colour please contact for a connection.





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