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Won’t it take a lot of work?

Lots of work!We are not going to lie, yes there is quite a lot to be done to plan, launch and manage a successful programme. The good news it that we have been around long enough, and helped enough schools through it, to be able to make it a much less stressful process.

We have all the inside knowledge that will help you avoid the hidden pitfalls, capitalise on the opportunities and roll out a well honed and successful programme.

We have templates for every stage of planing and launching, we have facilities to keep as much of the ongoing admin out of your hair while giving you detailed and up-to-date information as and when you need it.

Yes you will have a lot to do but with us by your side you will wonder what you were so worried about!

Just talk to your local School Liaison Manager who will be happy to talk you through how we can help take the strain.