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The introduction of 1:1 technology, when it is used effectively, is something we feel very strongly about because we have seen real clear evidence that demonstrates the difference it can make across all year groups and all learning abilities.

The differences are not always obvious or expected but are always positive. Some of the most unexpected changes that are seen include improved attendance, less classroom disruption, better child-to-child and teacher-to-child interaction, positive parental engagement, homework completed and well-presented and much more.

There are myriad reasons why you should be considering and embarking on this but there are also myriad reasons why that is tough. We are realistic and fully understand all of the challenges as well as the opportunities you face every day.

Our mission is simple:

  1. To demonstrate to you that introducing a 1:1 programme in your school is worthwhile.
  2. To show you how you can make it financially viable to launch a genuinely sustainable programme that, correctly managed, will be effective and serve your school for many years.
  3. To help you benefit from the experiences of many other schools that have had successful launches before you and, with our help and guidance, make launching your programme as smooth and painless as possible.

With over 15 years of experience helping schools launch 1:1 programmes, we have seen all the successes to copy and all the pitfalls to avoid. We are independent of all manufacturers and systems and are unique in being able to provide 100% objective free advice where our only consideration is your success. You will find our website crammed full of ideas and advice on all aspects of setting up and managing your own 1:1 programme. In addition, we have our team of experienced School Liaison Managers who are more than happy to help you on the phone or come out to your school and look at how best to enable you to launch your own 1:1 programme.

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Please explore our website and then ask us anything you like,
we are confident that we can help you change the lives of all of your children…