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The LF Fire7 offer

A NEW Amazon ‘Fire 7 Kids Edition’ for every
child in the school…

…and for just £4.50* a month!

The Learning Foundation is delighted to offer a very special Amazon ‘Fire 7 Kids Edition’ opportunity that we have been able to put together with the help of Amazon and Econocom. For several years we have been working with a number of specialist companies, all of whom are committed to helping schools setup fully inclusive and sustainable 1:1 programmes, where every child has a computer to use in class and at home.

We know how tough it is for schools to justify any expenditure, but we are also aware that there are many schools that can see the opportunities that technology could offer them – if only they could afford it! We believe that combining this offer with the expert advice and experience that the Learning Foundation can provide, will make it possible for every school to take a leap in to the future…

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So what’s the offer?

The Amazon ‘Fire 7 Kids Edition’ offers exceptional functionality at an amazing price. It is a fully configured Fire in a kid proof package!
Just look at these features:

  • A 2-year worry-free guarantee – Amazon will replace it for free. No questions asked
  • Kid proof case – available in either blue, pink and yellow
  • A full-featured Fire 7 with a 7″ IPS display
  • 16 GB of internal storage
  • Up to 8 hours of mixed-use battery life.
  • Option to add a microSD card for up to 256GB
  • One year ‘Fire For Kids Unlimited’ with 5,000+ books, videos & educational apps etc
  • Flexible parental controls to manage usage, content access, educational goals
  • Amazon Parent Dashboard with Discussion Cards – discover the titles kids enjoy


To find out more contact:

Peter Thorn Davis on 07826 844707
or email him at:

Dave Evans on 07826 844705
or email him at:

Why consider a Fire 7 at all?

There are a vast array of platform & manufacturer choices to consider but we truly believe that for the early years of education the 'Fire 7 Kids Edition' offers an extremely cost effective way of helping all children enjoy the key skills of reading, maths and other core skills that will set them up for their future.

  • They are easy to set up and manage
  • They are easy and simple to use
  • They are secure – no anti-virus software needed!
  • ‘Instant on’ * They have excellent battery life
  • There are a vast array of educational Apps available

We are strong believers in establishing parental donations to support your 1:1 programme (and yes they do contribute, and yes it is sustainable). With the help and support of our partner companies we are able to offer this complete package at the incredible price from just £4.50 a month.

With this offer, we will provide our highly regarded advice & guidance to help you plan, launch and maintain a successful and sustainable programme that will help ensure all of your children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

* This is a guide price based on 24 monthly parental donations. Other financial variations are possible, please ask for more information.