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Magpie Education was formed in 2017 specifically to design and build tools and resources to support primary and secondary school teachers to inspire their students in STEM subjects. The founders of Magpie Education have been leading teachers and curriculum developers in STEM subjects and contributed significantly to the development of computing curricula at a national level in a number of countries.

The Learning Foundation, is working with Magpie Education, with their extensive knowledge of the challenges faced by teachers, to help develop an exciting new ‘AI driven’ resource tool. Designed to support teachers, this tool will allow the integration of the best-in-class resources and the latest educational technology. Specifically designed to help busy teachers produce lesson plans that not only address the curriculum but provide them with a

comprehensive guide to inspiring lesson plans designed to maximise student engagement with the subject. The project will take one subject at a time, starting with Computing, where Magpie Education have experience and an established track record. The development of this project was considered so significant that Innovate UK (the Government’s innovation agency) have provided grant funding to speed the development of what they see as a key product development that could prove invaluable to schools across the country.

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What is the Planning & Assessment Tool?

The ‘Planning & Assessment Tool’ has a number of key functions;

  1. It offers teachers an opportunity to browse pre-compiled learning journeys which are mapped to the Computing National Curriculum to aid the provision of inspiring lessons (Key stages 1-4 will be covered).
  2. It will help you find learning resources to suit your students’ needs and tailor learning journeys by providing access to a range of different media resources. These are held in a pre-populated repository which can be adapted or added to by the school and by the teacher as required.
  3. It provides a simple method of capturing students’ progress and gives teachers the ability to view this in real-time reports.

Below are a few simulated screen grabs for the tool.
They show some of the functionality that we envisage in the final version:

Why should I be interested?

The pressures on schools and teachers to ensure they inspire their students in the core STEM subjects, while keeping track of their key stage learning is immense and challenging. If you have ever struggled to prep an inspiring lesson that ticks all the curriculum boxes and doesn’t involve lots of research to find the resources to make it come to life – then this product could change lives by saving you time and relieving stress.

How can I be involved?

Over the next few months we will be looking to engage with a number of schools that are working to inspire interest in STEM subjects and would like to play a crucial role in shaping a tool that will make preparing, planning and monitoring every student’s engagement effective and simple. 

Your involvement will help us ensure that the ‘Planning & Assessment Tool’ meets the needs of every teacher and every school, whilst remaining simple and easy to use, we need your help.

We will be looking for schools that might be interested in being involved at one or more of three levels:

LEVEL 1 – By completing a comprehensive (but straight forward) online survey form that would take about 15 mins

LEVEL 2 – By taking part in a 1/2 day focus group at one of a number of locations (reasonable travel expenses will be covered) 

LEVEL 3 – taking part in the Beta trials of the tool in your school, monitoring the usage and impact and working with the development team to provide feedback on bugs and improvements. 

The next step

Whether you are keen to be part of the development or would just like to find out more about the project, we would love to hear from you.
To express your interest just complete the form below, we look forward to hearing from you.

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