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Scotland leads the way

We applaud the launch last week of the new Scottish Government strategy that aims to ensure all learners and educators are able to benefit from digital technology in their education.

For some time digital technology has been embedded within Scottish education but, despite the pervasive nature of digital technology, the government in Scotland had felt that its benefits were not always fully felt within their schools.

The strategy, Enhancing Learning and Teaching Through the Use of Digital Technology can be accessed here:

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The strategy aims to improve matters by creating conditions to enable educators, learners and parents to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology in order to raise attainment, ambition and opportunities for all. It sets out a series of national actions with four essential and interrelated objectives:

  • Develop the skills and confidence of teachers;
  • Improve access to digital technology for all learners;
  • Ensure that digital technology is a central consideration in all areas of curriculum and assessment delivery;
  • Empower leaders of change to drive innovation and investment in digital technology for learning and teaching

The strategy also refers to a literature review conducted last year which considered nearly 1,000 items of literature. The review found overall that, as long as certain criteria were in place, that there was “strong evidence that use of digital technologies can aid learning and teaching, as well as enhance the ability of some children to learn effectively.”  In particular the review, conducted by ICF Consulting Services, found that there is:

  • Conclusive evidence: that digital technologies can support educational attainment in general;
  • Indicative evidence: that it can support educational attainment in literacy and help close the gap in attainment between groups of learners; and
  • Promising evidence: that digital technologies can provide assistance to overcoming the challenges faced by some learners; improvements in employability skills and knowledge of career pathways; improved communications with parents; and time efficiencies for teachers.

We look forward to seeing the strategy move into action and the results we are sure will emanate.