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You’ll undoubtedly have seen lots of information about introducing IT into learning already. But is it right for you and your school? There are many important questions you will have to ask and answers to get before you can be sure that this is the right route for your school right now. You will need to feel inspired to take the idea forward and you will need to be convinced that the effort it will take will be worthwhile. This is not something that you will do alone and there are many others within the school who will also need to understand the pros and cons of introducing a 1:1 programme (where every child in a school, class or cohort benefits equally),  we know that they will also ask different questions and need different answers. We have pulled together the latest and most powerful research to help understand this and combined it along with real case studies of schools that have already been on the journey.

Because of the variety of perspectives that others will have depending on their role in the school from pedagogy to finance and systems, we have included information to help understand the concept from a variety of viewpoints.

Finally, we know that undertaking the journey without support and guidance makes for a much tougher ride – we want to reassure you right now that not only are we available to advise and help but we also have great links with a wide range of schools nearby who can also help you. Over the 15 years since we started we have worked in a variety of ways with around 3,500 schools, 250,000 children and tens of thousands of parents.

We are independent, objective and very experienced at helping school’s setup 1:1 programmes. We are committed to making sure your scheme works in supporting all of the children in your school to engage and achieve the very best that they can with the kind of change that introducing technology can bring as long as that is done effectively.