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Online Direct Debits

Online Direct DebitsWe are keen to encourage schools to use our online Direct Debit service with their parents.

The direct debit form itself is standard but we will happily personalise the page with your logo and a profile of your programme to make it more readily identified with the school.

Parents can access the form in several ways;

  • By providing computers ready set up at the launch event
    This allows parents to complete the form while they are still fully inspired after your launch presentation
  • Through your website
    This is the best way as it allows you to create a page on your site giving all the details of the programme. You just need to add a simple link on the page that will take users straight into the online form
  • By including a link in an email that you send to parents after the launch
    This can be a good way of following up those that couldn’t make the launch event – but there  will always be people that don’t have an email
  • By handing out information sheets at the launch with the URL on them
    This will require parents to type in the URL to their computer at home and, although the URL is a simple one it is still less user friendly than being able to just click a link
  • By offering help at your reception offering parents that are uncomfortable with the internet
    A parent could come in to reception to enter it, or just seek guidance from reception to ensure they have completed it correctly

There is no additional charge for this service and it has many advantages over the paper-based alternative;

  • It can be completed at any time and in any location without difficulty
  • It is a lot simpler than completing a paper form and less prone to inaccuracies
  • It eliminates problems of poor handwriting – a common cause or errors on paper forms
  • It provides the school with a much quicker update about who has registered (within 24Hrs) than paper forms (through the online portal ‘Registered Donors’ report)

The set-up process couldn’t be simpler. The school provides a logo, the text for the information panel and the recommended donation amount. We will then send you a proof for approval and once you are happy the form will be made ‘live’.

You can easily use the online form to secure parental interest before the decision is made to go ahead with the programme. This is easily managed as you can access details of parents that have signed up the day after they complete the form (via the Portal) and download a spreadsheet if required. Donations will not be collected from parents until we have a commitment to go ahead from the school. If for any reason the programme has to be delayed or does not go ahead the start date can be amended or all the forms will be deleted.