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Donation Management Service

pic-child-22-300If you want to extend the use of ICT in your school, and are concerned about pupils who do not have access at home, then you should be thinking about a Learning Foundation 1:1 programme. However, if you are worried about the workload and cost involved in collecting regular parental donations then the good news is that there is an affordable alternative to doing it yourself. The Learning Foundation offers schools a Donation Management Service (DMS) that:

  • Manages your parental donations and deals with their queries
  • Makes the tax relief claim and shares any Gift Aid claimable with you
  • Gives you online access to information on your current and lapsed donors

How it works
The process kicks off with a signed agreement that spells out the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The school is then sent a uniquely coded donation form / Gift Aid declaration for parents to confirm their donations. Donations can be made by direct debit, either online using our online Direct Debit service or with paper forms. Donations can also be taken using credit card (for repeat or single donations) or on a one-off basis by cheque.

Parental donations to your programme are managed by the Learning Foundation. As a charity, we are entitled to claim Gift Aid and, after recovering  the bank charges and a small element of each donation to support the activities of the Learning Foundation, the balance will be paid to the school in a  quarterly grant.

You can review reports on donations made and grants received via our online portal and we can advise you of missed donations on a monthly basis. We also offer an additional service, on the school’s behalf, to reminding donors about missed donations.

No need to…

  • Set up your own charity
  • Appoint a Board of Trustees and run regular board meetings
  • Expect your Trustees to indemnify the bank
  • Collect parental donations and handle queries from parents
  • Make Gift Aid claims to the Inland Revenue
  • Wait – as soon as the agreement is signed you can get on and launch your programme

What happens next?…

  • Contact us and speak to a member of the Foundation so that we can both be sure this is the right service for you.
  • Sign the agreement.
  • Launch your programme – we will give you comprehensive support.