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Workshop planLearning and teaching in a 21st century school requires pupils and teachers to have access to technology when and where it is appropriate. A portable personal device, to be used for a few minutes, or longer, as part of a lesson, or for revision, homework and extended research, replaces the pre-booked, whole class trip to the ICT Suite. From laptops to tablets to smartphones, the future lies in personal access to digital resources as part of a blended learning approach.

How workshops can help

The challenge to schools is how to implement a 1:1 approach. This workshop will help senior leadership teams work through all the key elements of a successful 1:1 approach. It will draw on evidence, research and best practice from across the UK. We have prepared a brief overview document that you can download for further discussion.

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bullet-jigsaw Who should attend:

Headteacher, Business Manager/Bursar, Head of ICT and/or e-Learning, Governors, Network Manager, designated project manager, and any other stakeholders.

bullet-jigsaw Where it will take place:

The workshop will be held at your school unless an external venue is specifically requested. The number of attendees at a standard workshop is limited to 10 people. Larger groups can be accommodated, please ask for details.

bullet-jigsaw Who will be involved:

The workshop will be facilitated by a senior member of the Learning Foundation, with extensive experience in advising schools on 1:1 access programmes.

bullet-jigsaw How to book:

–   The price of the workshop is £950 + VAT. Please contact the Learning Foundation
with your preferred dates on:
>> Call us on 01344 636413
>> Email us on

bullet-jigsaw What will be covered:

The content of the day will be tailored to the needs of your school and you will select which of the following areas you want to have covered:

  • Identifying your vision and objectives – One of the most important areas to achieve strong consensus on!

  • Setting your timescale – This will dictate both resources and priorities

  • Identifying the key stakeholders – Important to consider who needs to be involved

  • How will teaching and learning change?  Professional development implications

  • How to address needs of special groups – These might include Gifted & Talented, Special Educational Needs, underachieving pupils on Free School Meals and children with English as a second language

  • What is the best approach to take?  There a number of options, all with benefits & drawbacks, for you to consider and pick the right approach for you

  • How will you ensure inclusion? – Important to assess the extent to which the digital divide is a factor within the community you serve

  • How will you engage parents in the programme? – The right kind of engagement with parents can result in many benefits to both learners and the school

  • How to ensure financial sustainability – Choose the right approach for your school to fund the device, software, insurance, warranty, etc and quantify sources of funding (school funds, savings, Gift Aid, parents, Pupil Premium, etc); including risks and mitigation

  • Leasing  If your capital funds are committed, or you prefer to spread your costs over time, then leasing may provide the ideal solution

  • Safety and security  Policies on online safety & cyber-bullying – lock-down vs freedom to explore

  • Infra-structure issues –  The nuts and bolts of a successful 1:1 programme, including broadband, Wi-Fi and cloud solutions

  • Monitoring and evaluation measures  Important for your Governors and other stakeholders

  • Administration and compliance  Addressing the practical aspects of handling large numbers of pupil devices and possibly regular collections from parents

  • Management and maintenance –  Managing breakages and handling technical problems; collecting payments; financial reporting

  • Risk Assessment   A comprehensive assessment of the risks inherent in a 1:1 programme

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