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Making a decision to run a 1:1 programme (where every child has their own device to use in class and at home), be it for one cohort or the whole school, is a big decision to make, and not one that should be made lightly, so here is our guide on how to make it happen.

We have helped many schools, from their initial thinking, past their concerns and right through the decision making and planning process, helping them ensure they have the most appropriate and sustainable programme for their needs.

Where to start?

The first and probably the most important thing to remember is that it is not just about the device but how it is used and integrated as a standard tool for teaching and learning. It can be very easy to be taken in with the popular device of the day and not give enough thought about what you want to do with it and if it is the most effective way of achieving the lesson’s objective. Our first piece of advice therefore is to consider what a 1:1 programme can do for you. Once you know what you want to achieve your project team will be in a far better position to plan and develop the project.

Launching a 1:1 programme


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Plan ahead

It is important that you do the ground work & research first. There are a number of, important, questions that any responsible leadership team should be asking and how you answer them will direct you to the type of solution that will be the best fit for your school.

Our experience has helped us identify the following list of questions you should be asking. It is not exhaustive but if you can answer these you will be well on your way.

Why do you want to do it? As already stated, this is a critical first question
Are you looking to have a fully inclusive 1:1 programme? Although this is by far the most valuable option there are others that can also make a significant impact
Are your Governors in favour? Without their support you may well fail before you start.
Are your staff on board and willing to change their teaching style? If the staff are not ready & willing you will never have a successful programme
Involve your parents? Conduct a survey to establish buy-in and home access
Is your school Broadband & WiFi adequate? Can it handle the impact of adding 100s of devices at once. Insufficient Broadband can cause a bottleneck even if your WiFi could handle the volume.
What existing systems will you need to integrate? This can have a big impact on your device choice
Will it be one or more cohorts, or the whole school? There are pluses and minuses for both scenarios so you need to consider this carefully
Is it practical to have one or more pilots before you commit? The more pilots, the more you can fine tune but the longer the delay
What timescale are you considering? It will almost certainly take longer than you think and pushing it through too fast is always a mistake
How are you going to finance it? We can show you a number of different ways

Our School Liaison Managers (SLM) have extensive experience in helping schools plan and develop their programme and can guide you through these and other important questions, working closely with your project team. They are also able to put you in contact with local schools that already have a successful programme running as well as connecting you up with possible suppliers and finance sources.

School Liaison Service

Any school can receive advice and support for any stage of planing, engaging, launching or managing your programme. Please contact Peter Thorn-Davis, Head of School Liaison who will be happy to help you in any way he can.

Peter Thorn-Davis
Peter  Thorn-Davis