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There are several potential gremlins that could impede the success of a programme and the backup of an efficient support & maintenance operation is one of the most significant of these.

Device down time

Device down time has three major impacts:

  • Disruption in the lesson – making it necessary to share devices or get hold of a spare
  • Disruption to the pupil – preventing them using the device at home and possibly limiting access to the materials and course work.
  • Annoyance to the contributing parents – who are very likely to stop contributing when a device is out of action for repeated or extended periods of time.

Support & maintenance options

There are two areas to consider;

  • Hardware – broken screens, hinges and keyboards being the main areas
  • Software – forgotten passwords, viruses and accidental deletions being the common ones

For both of these support areas there are two main solution choices;

Whichever of these options you choose, you will still need some in-house resources and a secure area to manage the dispatch and return process, as well as handing out loan devices.


If you have a large enough number of devices that would justify employing qualified staff, then having your own maintenance facility will often be the fastest way of resolving technical issues.

Some schools have even managed to offset the cost of having an in-house support team by offering their services to the local community or other local schools as a means of income.


Option ANegotiate a support agreement in the purchase package from the manufacturer/reseller.

It is unlikely that device manufacturers will also offer software support, but a local reseller may do this.


Option BRetain the services of a local IT support company.

You may be able to set up a full hardware and software support agreement with a local company but be sure they are properly equipped to service the hardware and carry a good stock of spares on site; otherwise you may have considerable turnaround delays.