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Home School Agreement

A Home School Agreement is a formal document prepared by the school and signed by the parent, head teacher and the pupil. The document’s function is to clarify the responsibilities involved in the provision of the device and the penalties for not adhering to them. This covers basic care and protection of the device and the use to which it is put. The agreement will also cover the procedures should it need repair, be damaged or lost/stolen.

Clearly the school must also make a commitment with regard to the maintenance and repair of the device and the software it is provided with, including what provision there might be for a loan device etc. Thee agreement will also detail the penalties for inappropriate use, repetitive damage and loss.

Below is an outline of what your agreement might look like. Every school will have a different view on the final content but this will give you a starting point to work with.

We have put this information into a Word document for you to download and edit to suit your needs.

Download the file


To help ensure that our 1:1 programme is a big success at (enter school name) and that we get maximum value from our joint investment in your children, we invite you to commit to the principles outlined in this agreement. As a school we are prepared to provide all of the back-up and resources needed to make this work, but we also need the commitment of parents and students.

As you read through this leaflet you will see a summary of our 1:1 programme commitment that the school is making to the students and to you as parents. It also outlines the commitment that will be needed from the home, and from the children themselves, to make this work.

When you have read these sections we invite you and your child to sign the agreement and return it to school. This will help to ensure that we are all working together to achieve success.

Remember that using an (enter device type) is a privilege, not a right, and should be used in a responsible and ethical manner at all times.

The main Terms & Conditions

  • Failure to take reasonable care or to abide by the other conditions in this document may result in the (enter device type) being reclaimed. The school reserves the right to claim financial recompense in such cases.

  • The (enter device type) should be charged at home overnight, but the school cannot accept responsibility for electricity costs

  • The (enter device type) and its software will remain the property of the school until the end of the loan period

  • Ensure that the (enter device type) is returned either at the end of the three years or if the student leaves the school for whatever reason before then, or at any other time upon the request of a member of staff


A stolen (enter device type) must be reported to the school as soon as possible where you will be required to fill in a Theft form. From there the police will be notified and a crime number assigned.
We will not cover the cost for replacing the iPad under the following circumstances:

  • The (enter device type) was left in plain view in an open bag or unlocked locker, car or house

  • The (enter device type) was stolen due to negligence, careless behaviour or unwise use in or out of school



The school will:

  • Provide an (enter device type) computer for the use of your child for the length of the programme

  • Provide a case to protect the (enter device type)

  • Provide the Apps and Resources required for educational purposes

  • Make sure that the (enter device type) is covered by insurance for use in and out of school for study purposes, providing reasonable care is taken to prevent loss or damage

  • Provide secure storage for the (enter device type) when it is not needed for any particular lesson

  • Provide on-going support for the (enter device type) through lunchtime drop-in sessions

  • Ensure that the (enter device type) is protected against computer viruses

  • Give parents and learners a proper introduction to using and caring for the computer and the software

  • Teach students to use the (enter device type) safely

  • Monitor the use of the (enter device type) both remotely and directly in and around school

(Add relevant information about access to and the purchase of, software as relevant to the device type)

Use at home

At home we will:

  • Ensure that our child understands how to care for and protect their (enter device type)

  • Report any loss or damage (including accidental loss or damage) within one week

  • Report any faults in hardware or software promptly

  • Ensure that your child understands that the device is primarily for educational purposes and that it is always in a state to work with

  • Pay a £50.00 contribution toward the cost of a second breakage


Pupil responsibilities

As the pupil responsible for the device I will:

  • Look after my (enter device type) computer very carefully all of the time. It will be kept in its case and stored securely when not in my possession

  • Take responsibility for setting up a secure passwords and not sharing them with other students

  • Create a lock screen for my (enter device type) which shows my name and form

  • Bring it to school every day fully charged, unless I have been told not to

  • Take care when the (enter device type) is transported that it is as secure as possible (e.g. not visible in a vehicle; not left unattended on a bus; not advertise ownership of my (enter device type)

  • Make sure the (enter device type) is not subject to careless or malicious damage (e.g. as a result of horseplay)

  • Ensure my (enter device type) is only used for educational purposes whilst in school

  • Regularly back up my (enter device type) as instructed by the school

  • Allow staff to access their (enter device type) to check for inappropriate materials. I understand that staff will be allowed to remove inappropriate resources

  • I will always act on the advice of the school in the safe use of this device

As the pupil responsible for the device I will not:

  • Use my (enter device type) for any form of cyber bullying or use for sending, accessing, uploading or distributing any insulting, threatening, pornographic, violent or obscene material

  • Use my (enter device type) for sending mass emails (spamming)

  • Remove the (enter device type) from its case

  • Use my school email account for any form or commercial or financial gain

  • Decorate or customise the (enter device type) or its case, etc, and not allow it to be subject to graffiti and return it to the school. This will help ensure that we are all working together to achieve success

  • Take photographs or videos without the permission of the subject. I will not upload or share these images with anyone without the permission of the subject

  • Install age-inappropriate games and content

  • I will not use any software or other method to break any of the security systems in place on my (enter device type) Any detection of this kind of software will result in sanctions and possible temporary confiscation

  • Use my (enter device type) to access VPN (virtual private networks). These apps whilst available on the App store allow the user to bypass any school internet security protocols and access blocked websites or social networking sites

  • Physically decorate, customise or use graffiti on the case

  • Take photographs or videos without the express permission of the subject, nor upload and share these images

  • Delete any software I have been asked to install

  • Use the (enter device type) for any illegal and/or anti-social purpose, including access to  inappropriate Internet sites

  • Use my (enter device type) for any form of cyber bullying

  • Use my (enter device type) for any illegal and/or anti-social purpose, including access to inappropriate websites



{This is one suggested procedure but it should always be checked against your insurance policy terms}

Unfortunately, devices on occasion do get broken and this is the procedure should the need arise. Should this occur, this is the procedure:

A broken (enter device type) must be reported straight away as we only have a week’s window to claim on the insurance, even if it is during the holidays. All breakages must be reported even if it is a tiny crack in the screen and a form must be completed.

1st Breakage:

Your (enter device type) will be returned to you and the insurance will cover the repair

2nd Breakage:

You will be responsible for a £50 charge that will go towards the repair of the (enter device type). Payment should be completed through ParentPay and the (enter device type) will not be sent off for repair until payment has been received.

3rd Breakage:

You will be asked to contribute a further £50 and can choose between the 2 following options:

  • Opt out of the scheme and the (enter device type) can only be used in school – it can be collected first thing in the morning and returned after final lesson

  • Remain in the scheme but commit to contribute £50 for each future claim for repair of the (enter device type) following any future damage


We will not support the following breakages so you will be required to pay for:

  • Deliberate and wilful damage to the (enter device type)

  • Any problems resulting from (enter device type) that have previously been Jailbroken

During the time it takes to repair the (enter device type). we have a limited stock of (enter device type) to loan for the day which must be retuned at the end of the school day


Suggested close

Please sign this tear off slip and return it to the school as soon as possible:-

I agree to abide by these terms in my use of the . . .(enter device type) . . .

I agree to my child having the use of the (enter device type). on these terms

I agree on behalf of the school to provide an (enter device type) on these terms