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What next?

If you have worked your way through every section of the TOOLKIT then we congratulate you on the time you have committed to understanding the many elements of launching and managing a successful 1:1 programme. I hope you have found the content to be helpful, if not invaluable, and that you are now planning or running your own programme. so what next?

To help you capture and reflect on the decisions you have made along the way we have prepared a simple checklist that you can download and complete. This is an opportunity to summarise all of the key areas, the route that you wish to pursue, where you currently sit on the journey to achieving your objectives and what the ideal programme looks like for your school.

Download the file

Remember there is no specific solution, it is what you and your team feel is the most appropriate approach for your school – and, most importantly, the one that will most benefit your students.

You may have decided to start gently with a single cohort or you may have decided to implement a programme for the entire school. Your school may be able to fund the entire programme, or you may be dependent on the support of your parents. Whatever your chosen path, if you follow our guidance we feel confident that your programme will make a difference and build a sustainable future.

If your journey through the TOOLKIT was for your initial research and your next step is to start engaging your Governors and the Senior Leadership Team, then we can offer a one-day workshop at your school that you could use to gain consensus and support so that the programme has 100% commitment from the people who matter. You can find out more on the leaflet below.

Download the file

Good luck and remember, the Learning Foundation is always here to help you.