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Once all the planning has been done you need to present your plans to your parents and secure their commitment. This launching stage is every bit as important as the others, particularly where parental contributions are concerned. Failure to inspire your parents and convince them that the programme will have a positive effect on EVERY child, not matter what their apparent ability, motivation and commitment may be, could have a devastating impact on the viability of the programme. You need to get this part very right! As always, our School Liaison Managers are always on hand to advise and guide you through a successful launch but you will find many invaluable tools here to help you.

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Finally, to help you further we have pulled together (and will continue to add to) the following directory. The companies and organisations are not endorsed by us and the list is not exhaustive. We have however had positive feedback suggesting that the companies included have supported other schools well in launching or running a programme. If you have reason to believe that they do not deserve to be included please let us know and we will consider removing them.