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Regardless of how much state of the art equipment is available across the school, the investment will be largely wasted without a clear strategy and approach to the pedagogy.

In developing your 1:1 programme, you will need to consider a wide range of changes that will allow you to make the most of these new learning resources. Some schools have already gone down this path and there is much to learn from their experience. Your strategy needs to consider the following issues:


There are five key areas that you need to consider when reviewing your approach to the teaching and learning.

Curriculum change:

Some schools have taken advantage of personal technology to accelerate the KS3 curriculum.

Personalised learning:

A much-used term but with fewer examples of successful implementation. Gifted & talented children, pupils with Special Educational Needs, and children from disadvantaged backgrounds, can all benefit from a more individual approach. A school VLE is capable of supporting teachers to apply a more learner-centric approach. Engaging parents in that strategy will increase the returns even more.

Professional development:

Successful 1:1 programmes pay a lot of attention to the needs and concerns of the teaching staff before the devices are distributed to increasingly tech-savvy children. CPD should recognise the difference in IT literacy between teachers, sometimes but not always down to their age. Consider setting up a mentor programme, or recognising certain teachers as leaders in the application of learning technology to classroom practice.

Class structure:

Does 1:1 access to a mobile device give you the opportunity to organise classes differently; both larger groups and smaller ones?

Parental Engagement:

Many parents are supportive and actively engaged in their children’s learning. Are you effectively engaging with them and does the technology allow you to make more of this important resource? Do they all have access to your VLE? Do they know what their children are currently being taught from the curriculum, are you pro-active or do you rely on them logging on, or attending school-organised events?