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SLT & Governor Engagement

Governor's meeting


Key to getting a programme past first base is having the Senior Leadership and Governor Team fully on board. There are usually two focal points from these groups, firstly ‘cost’ and secondly ‘why do we need to do it’. After these will follow a lot of detailed questions, challenges and objections all of which we can help you prepare for.

To progress further the Governors and everyone in the SLT need to understand and agree with the following 6 key issues of the programme:

  • The educational value it offers pupils
  • The teaching benefits to staff
  • The sustainability for future years
  • The importance of the ‘fully inclusive’ principal
  • The positive value on parental engagement
  • The financial viability


The engagement of Governors will be part of the planning stage of the programme, covering the inclusion issue, and also the financial authority to make any required investment. Some Governing bodies have proved resistant to major technology led programmes and need to be provided with the right information to help them understand the benefits it can bring to pupils at all levels.

If you look at our ‘evidence’ section you will find a wealth of solid data to back the value. In addition we would strongly recommend visiting one or more schools in your area that have already implemented a programme and are willing to talk you through their experiences.

As to financial viability, your local School Liaison Manager has a vast amount of experience in helping schools find a viable financial plan to ensure that the programme is sustainable for many years to come.

Senior Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team will play a key role in the implementation of the programme as well as the engagement of many of the stakeholders. It is vital that they all understand and buy into the objectives of the programme and are committed to making it a success.

It is inevitable that, in the outset, that some of the SLT will be more positive than others but all of the objections and concerns can and should be addressed so that a positive, confident and excited message goes out to the staff, pupils and parents from the very beginning.

The Learning Foundation offers a ‘one-day workshop‘ run by senior members of staff that explores all the key issues and ensures an agreed way forward across all the key stakeholders is achieved.

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