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Parental Engagement

Parents in playground

Engaging ALL stakeholders from the earliest possible moment is key to the success of your programme. Once launched however, parental engagement is essential in securing the success and sustainability of the programme.

For almost every programme to succeed it will have to rely on the financial contribution of parents and for them to be willing to make the contribution they need to see some very specific returns:

Parental engagement pinch points

  • The device is reliable and, if it breaks down, it is repaired quickly and efficiently – and ideally a loan device is available while it is being repaired.
  • The device is being used. This does not mean all the time in every lesson but that, when asked, their child can confirm that it used on a regular basis
  • There is an improvement in their child’s attitude to school work / homework and, hopefully this is reflected in results over time
  • The school is understanding about any difficulties in making donations at certain times and remembers that parents are DONATING and not committing to BUY the device

Parents need to understand the value of the programme and be committed to it if it is to work but at the same time the school has to honour it’s side of the deal and deliver a well-run and well utilised programme that meets the expectations set in the consultation period (in order to earn that commitment).


Also please see the parental engagement research information of the evidence section.