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HELP buttonOur TOOLKIT is a comprehensive package of advice and guidance tools which aims to cover all of the issues, challenges and barriers that you may meet on your journey to launching your own fully inclusive and sustainable 1:1 programme. We have drawn on our 15 years of experience to pull all of this information together but, just like technology, it is constantly evolving. 

To make this vast collection of tools more accessible we have grouped them into the 7 categories below. Clicking on your chosen link will take you to a more detailed list of that group’s tools so that you can quickly focus down on the area that is of most interest to you.

We have an infographic that will give you an overview of the stages in setting up a 1:1 programme. You will find that every stage is covered in  detail in the Toolkit.

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The toolkit elements


Welcome           Planning the future          Support & protection

Engagement           Finance & admin           Launching