Service Overview

Your school’s portal is the doorway to a wide variety of programme management services that will allow you to keep effective control of device management and the programme finances, ensuring that you can maintain an effective and well supported ‘one 2 one’ programme.


This section allows you to find donor information by searching by either an individual child or a full cohort. From here you can look at the personal information held for a donor and see the children that they are donating for. You can update any donor’s details along with the details of any of the children they are donating for. You can also add a new donor and child if needed.

The donor will also have access to this information and be able to update it themselves through the Parent portal if the wish.

Asset register

This section allows you to manage a detailed asset register, linking it with the keeper (which may be a child, teacher, spare etc). You can also capture key source and disposal information.

When a new programme is launched, you can supply a spreadsheet with as much data as is available for a one time only bulk upload. The unique identifier for this upload will be the Asset number and if there is already a record using a number that is bulk uploaded IT WILL BE OVERWRITTEN so be warned. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that no duplications are included and the school’s responsibility to untangle any mess that is caused by the overwriting of data.

The donor will be able to see the asset number on the parent portal but cannot edit it. The cannot see any other asset data.

Warranty & Insurance

This section allows you to manage any warranty and insurance claims. You can search by asset number, child or a cohort, select the specific ‘keeper’ of the device and add or edit a claim. You have the option to update the claim’s progress and keep notes.

Parent view

This option allows you to log into the donor’s personal parent portal by using their login (email address) and the school password. NOTE: This password is for use by authorised staff in the school only and must not be distributed to donor’s that have forgotten their password!

Once in you can repicate exactly what a donoar will do on their own computer, allowing you to help them understand how to use it or complete the information correctly.

Donation information

This option takes you directly to the donation portal where you will need to use your specific portal login.

Learning Foundation

This link takes you directly to the Learning Foundation website on a new browser page so you don’t lose this portal.