Parents Survey 2016

Parents Survey 2016

Report for respondents

Many thanks to all of you who responded to the survey. Thank you for taking the time – it is greatly appreciated. Below you will find a summary report where we selected the questions and answers that we thought would be most interesting to you.

Introduction to the report

The survey was conducted in June 2016. The survey was mailed to around 20,000 parents of children at schools which had a 1:1 programme (where every child has access to their own device) and where they were making donations to the scheme or had made donations in the past. In total we received 1057 fully completed questionnaires from parents across the majority of schools we work with. Between them they had 1,428 children in school e-learning programmes across all age ranges but with 80% of children being in Year 7 and above. There were an additional 890 partially completed but these have not been included in this report. 75% of respondents were still actively donating.

190 schools were given the option of being included in the survey of which 4 chose not be involved. This survey is conducted primarily to support the schools with which the Foundation works and each partner school receives a copy of the full report with a comparative breakdown of responses from their parents alone where these were received in sufficient numbers. We share this report widely beyond our partner schools as we recognise that the information can be useful to others and especially schools contemplating the introduction of technology. The survey was conducted anonymously to ensure parents felt able to say exactly what they felt.

High school teacher calling on student in classroom

Executive Summary

Parental interest and engagement are widely recognised as major contributors to a child’s educational prospects. e-Learning programmes offer schools and parents a practical way to work together in the interests of furthering and deepening the education of their children. With school budgets under more pressure than ever, parental contributions are becoming vital for schools towards the cost of providing technology for individual pupil use and making entire programmes possible.

This full survey was fascinating for us from many angles. The survey is useful for schools and parents and for the Foundation in better understanding where the opportunities, successes and pinch-points might be.

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