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Our DMS Portal is designed to give you up to date access to information on all your donors who are contributing to your 1:1 programme(s).

Our Donation Management Service (DMS) Portal

With any 1:1 programme there is a vast amount of information stored. Our DMS Portal is designed to give you easy access to exactly what you want to know, when you want to know it.

We believe the Portal will provide you with all the information you require but we welcome your feedback and any suggestions for future development.

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Getting into your Portal

Because of the sensitivity of the data we only give access to the portal to the school DMS administrator approved by the Headteacher. When you first login you will be using a temporary password. Once in you will be asked to change this password – make it something memorable – but equally secure. If you should forget it you can request an email reset option from the login page.

For data protection reasons it is important that you do not share your login with any other staff. If someone else in the school needs to have access then we can create a login for them once we have the authorisation from your Headteacher.

Portal Access

Portal Tutorial

Your School Liaison Manager will provide your nominated DMS administrator(s) with some 121 training and a copy of the portal handbook but you can also download a copy here. If you have any questions about the portal reports please do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Protection

Information for Schools using our Donation Management Service
The Learning Foundation is aware of the importance and implications of GDPR. We have always adhered to the highest levels of safety and have security very much in mind with all of the schools and school donors we work with. We have never and will never use school donor information for anything other than making their donations. As this means that they are making a contract with us, we are entitled to hold this information for as long as is necessary. Whether they commit online or offline or via the telephone we will be further adapting those documents to reflect our commitments to data protection generally and to GDPR.

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We are in discussions with HMRC whether we will need to hold donor information beyond the end of their commitment but will comply with whatever is regarded as best practice.

If there are any specific requirements that you as a school require for your own GDPR purposes please do contact us at:

The Reports

There are 6 reports available. These have been developed in consultation with a number of schools to ensure that you find the information you need in the format you need it. In addition to the 6 reports you can also access all of your quarterly statements.

You can view the reports on screen or download them as Excel spreadsheets, allowing you to further manipulate the data, import it into other spreadsheets or reports and print it out. You don’t have to download the data at all of you don’t want to as it will always be available online, even after your cohort programme has completed.

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Most reports will display wider than your screen will allow you to view at one time. To accommodate this, there are right & left scroll arrows at the top of the report and a vertical scroll bar on the right of the report to allow you to see all of the data.

Here is a quick reference to the different reports available in the portal, you will find a fully detailed profile of each report on the following pages.

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS If you need a quick way to check if donations have been made or which donations have been rejected then this report will show you every transaction for every donor in the selected criteria.
LAPSED DONORS A list of all lapsed donors in the selected criteria and how much they have donated to date. A lapsed donor is one who has missed 1 Credit card or 2 consecutive Direct Debit donations – at which point we do not attempt to collect any further donations until instructed to do so.
COMPLETED DONORS A list of all completed donors in the selected criteria , showing how much they have donated. A completed donor is one that has either completed their agreed number of donations or who are known to have permanently terminated their donations.
DONOR STATEMENT Your donor’s promised donation amounts & term, the amount donated to date & potential end total.
MISSED DONATIONS This report shows donors that have missed donations & their donation record to date.
EXPIRED CARDS This report identifies donors with credit cards that have expired, or are due to in the selected number of months.
STATEMENTS Access the most recent and historical quarterly statements as PDFs.
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