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Would you like to know where you can get advice to adapt technology to meet your needs or those of your learners for FREE? Look no further than AbilityNet’s recently updated tool, My Computer My Way (MCMW).

The tool helps anyone to make a device easier to use, which is critical to AbilityNet’s mission to create a digital world accessible to all.

What is MCMW and How do I use it?

  • Simply go to the My Computer My Way home page at or enter My Computer My Way into your preferred search engine.
  • We’ve designed the tool to help users discover how to make tech adjustments to a device which are beneficial for older and disabled people. For example, many people’s eyesight deteriorates with age, and so you may wish to magnify what you’re seeing on your computer screen.
  • Most devices include various accessibility features to make simple adjustments, such as making text bigger or viewing the screen through a magnifier.
  • Companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft are working hard to bring these features to the fore, so they’re easier to find. However, My Computer My Way provides tech help to make these adjustments – and more.
  • Other adjustments, for example, can help people with a visual impairment. My Computer My Way has tips on tools such as Voice Over – the screen reader included in iOS, a brilliant example of assistive technology.

Visit My Computer My Way for tech help

  • Apple, Google, and Microsoft are leaders in digital accessibility; notably, Google and Microsoft are previous Gold Sponsors of TechShare Pro – the UK’s largest accessibility show hosted by AbilityNet.
  • My Computer My Way offers tips across all three. We have tech tips for smartphones, including iOS and Android. In addition, we have tech tips for Android-based tablets, Apple devices, and Windows OS for tablets.
  • You’ll find tips for Apple’s macOS, Windows, and Chromebook on a desktop.

Tech Tips tailored to your Device.

  • Following our revamp, MCMW will automatically recognise the device you’re using to access the tool. You’ll notice that your operating system and browser will list within the search fields on your screen.
  • The search filters appear just below an empty search box.
  • Of course you might be accessing MCMW from a different device to the one you need help with and you can change the filters.
  • You will see other parameters in MCMW you can use to filter the tops.  These filters help tailor the tech help for your individual needs.
  • You can narrow the field by category: Cognitive, Hearing, Motor, Vision; by condition, such as dementia or anxiety; or by symptom (e.g., colour blind). Alternatively, filter by adjustment if you know what you want to do, for example, Magnify Text.
  • My Computer My Way is an excellent tool for self-help. However, you can also access FREE tech help for yourself or your learners near you from one of our 350+ regional volunteers.
  • For FREE support, call our helpline on 0800 048 7642 during UK office hours, or you can complete our online form.

AbilityNet provides a range of free services to help disabled people and older people.

AbilityNet also offer a range of quality paid for services to help create an accessible digital world.

  • Training: on assistive technology, accessible inclusive working and teaching practices and digital accessibility.
  • Digital Accessibility Services: consultancy and advice to make sure your websites and other digital applications are meeting the needs of disabled users.
  • Inclusive Workplace Services: consultancy and advice to evaluate your learning and working practices for inclusivity and take steps to improve.

For more information on My Computer My Way and extensive resources for Digital Access – visit the AbilityNet website.

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