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The LF iPad offer

iPadA NEW education iPad for every child in the school…
…and for just £10.00* a month!

The Learning Foundation is delighted to offer a very special iPad opportunity that we have been able to put together with the help of our trusted partners. For several years we have been working with a number of specialist companies, all of whom are committed to helping schools setup fully inclusive and sustainable 1:1 programmes, where every child has a computer to use in class and at home.

We know how tough it is for schools to justify any expenditure but we are also aware that there are lots of schools that can see the opportunities that technology could offer them – if only they could afford it! We believe that combining this offer with the expert advice and experience that we can provide, will make it possible for every school to take a leap in to the future…

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So what’s the offer?

The programme is designed to run over 3 years with a package that includes the following:

  • A fully expensed iPad WiFi 32GB – Slate Grey (Model: MP2F2B/A)
  • An STM Dux case (black)
  • 3 year collect & return warranty plus no excess ADT insurance
  • Device enrolment programme
  • Apple Professional training from XMA Learning Consultants**
  • Consultancy on integrating Apple programs into the curriculum
  • Consultancy and advice around device management
  • Use of Apple School Manager, Apple Classroom & Apple School Work
  • Volume Purchase Programme credits
To find out more contact Peter Thorn-Davis on 07826 844707
or email him at:

Why consider the iPad at all?


There are a wide variety of platform & manufacturer choices to consider but the iPad remains a dominant device of choice for many schools and for some solid reasons:

  • They are easy to set up and manage
  • They are easy and simple to use
  • They are secure – no anti-virus software needed!
  • ‘Instant on’
  • They have excellent battery life
  • There have a huge number of educational Apps available, many automatically come pre-installed and many more are free to download!


This is just a small sample of what comes pre-installed....

 Apple School Manager
Apple now offer an online management service for your iPad deployment. Known as Apple School Manager, it’s a free service that hooks into your mobile device management (MDM) solution to provide exciting new functions, and replaces two Apple solutions you may already be using: Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) and Device Enrolment Programme (DEP).

Apple Classroom
A hugely impactful tool that helps to break down barriers in the classroom and efficiently deliver personalised learning. Acting as a teaching assistant, helping teachers guide students through lessons, track their progress and ensure they can stay on track. It can be downloaded for free and configured to give staff a wide variety of tools including; start, focus or pause student work, launch any app, website or book on a student device with a tap, lock devices in a single app to help provide student focus and l the ability to lock screens to pause work or bring focus back to your class.

iTunes U
This is a dedicated section of Apple's iTunes Music Store that features educational audio and video files from universities, museums and public media organizations for free download to PCs and mobile devices.




Why this particular iPad model?

There are a wide variety of iPads available with a matching variety of prices but we think this particular model deserves serious consideration, particularly in view of the offer from our partners!

  • It has a good sized memory to allow storage of Apps and project work
  • It has all the standard iPad features
  • It offers a 9.7” Retina display for excellent legibility
  • It comes at a price point that is more realistic for schools whilst not compromising on functionality



We are strong believers in establishing parental donations to support your 1:1 programme (and yes they do contribute, and yes it is sustainable). With the help and support of our partner companies we are able to offer this complete package at the incredible price of just £10.00 a month.

With this offer, we will provide our highly regarded advice & guidance to help you plan, launch and maintain a successful and sustainable programme that will help ensure all of your children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

* This is a guide price based on 36 monthly parental donations. Other financial variations are possible, please ask for more information.

** The Apple Professional training is offered on the basis of 1 day per 50 devices. To find out more information on these offers please ask.