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Together we can end digital poverty and bring resilient and effective learning to every schoolchild in the UK, wherever they may be or whatever they need.

We believe strongly in collaboration and partnership with organisations that share our objectives and concerns. We do not believe in re-inventing the wheel, and are always looking to build relationships with organisations that can provide support to schools and families in ways that are complementary to the services we provide.

If you can support and collaborate with us, please email us today: 

We are keen to work with schools and partners to deliver the highest quality support to schools, school children, and their families. We welcome individuals, companies and organisations to support us of any size or shape or constitution – from local community organisations to national government departments.

Whether you can help by partnering with us, donating devices or making a donation, everything will be used and vital to support our work to help young people to take control over their learning and lives. 

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We rely on donations large and small to continue our work to support schools, children and families to access and benefit from technology. Make a contribution now to help us in that mission, we appreciate your support.

Donate Devices

We are delighted to be working with ADISA-certified companies to deliver a sustainable refurb solution for companies, government departments and other organisations looking to donate hardware to schools and school children.


Solve the issue of 1:1 digital provision for your pupils in a sustainable, future-proof way. Our Donation Management Service allows schools to teach pupils equitably across the school ensuring each has the opportunity to reach their potential.

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