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We are keen to listen and learn – we know we have some of the answers but we don’t know all of them or all of the questions. Tell us what you need/think and we’ll absolutely be listening.

How Can You Help?

There are myriad ways in which you can help us – as an individual, as a company, or as an educationalist. We are keen to work with schools and partners to deliver the highest quality support to schools, school children, and their families.  With a focus on all children being successful in their learning but with a particular ambition to support those children struggling with attainment, the Learning Foundation is keen to engage in discussions with those that can help us to reach our ambitions. 

Get Involved

Together we can bridge the digital divide and bring resilient and effective learning to every schoolchild in the UK, wherever they may be or whatever they need.

We welcome individuals, companies + organisations to join us of any size or shape or constitution – from local community organisations to national government departments.

Be part of our community

Don’t be shy – whether you can help by donating a device or some cash, everything will be used and vital to support our work and help these youngsters to take better control over their learning and lives. 

Tell us what you think

We are always open to good ideas for the way that we work and the focus for our work.  Please do let us know if there is anything about our work or about this website, for instance, we would be very happy to hear from you and will respond as soon as we can.  Please contact us at:

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