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inspiring learning through technology


Paul's reflectionsWe will soon celebrate our 15th birthday having established the Foundation as the e-Learning Foundation in 2000 but incorporating as a charity on April 26th 2001. April 2016 will see us evolve and become the Learning Foundation.

Let me tell you a little about the thinking…

  • Life has changed considerably since we launched and we are delighted to have seen such great falls in the numbers of children who are additionally disadvantaged by not having access to a computer at school or at home. The number is still too high.
  • Life has changed considerably and it has been a delight to work with the 1,000 schools, 50,000 parents and more than 250,000 children we’ve supported through grants, advice and direct support.
  • Life has changed considerably and it has been exciting to see and be involved with the change that is happening in schools as they adopt technology and merge this new tool into their learning systems and curriculum. New apps and software, new devices and approaches which, along with some inspirational teachers, school leadership teams, governors and parents, have started to see real reflections in the attainment and success of the children we all support.
  • Life has changed considerably and whilst e-Learning seemed right for us in 2001 it doesn’t so much in 2016. We will become the Learning Foundation with the addition that we are still very much all about “Inspiring learning through technology”. We wanted to show that we agree wholeheartedly with the view that what we are all doing is not about devices or hardware or infrastructure but about children and about learning and, finally, about all children having the same access and the same opportunity to reach their potential and lift themselves and their families as high as they are able.