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inspiring learning through technology

Everyone benefits from learning technology

“We all feel part of the future now…………..”

When Donna’s son Jack (not his real name) got a computer via his school’s e-learning programme it proved to be a real turning point. Quiet and not one to ask questions at school, Jack tended to miss out on things; he didn’t really enjoy doing homework, as it used to stress him out sometimes.

“He absolutely loves it even now two years later,” says Donna. “We hadn’t had a computer at home before, so it was a big change for the whole family.”

Jack is coming out of himself more and more, and his grades have gone up; even when he is feeling quiet he can ask questions online, so he doesn’t always have to put his hand up in class. His mum says he’s doing his homework better and faster.

He and his mates often link up on a project to share ideas without having to go round to each other’s houses. Of course, Jack still does that too but only when he’s finished his homework! “If anything, he probably sees more of his friends now as he is finding homework so much easier,” Donna explains.

Being online means Jack can receive rapid feedback from teachers, whereas previously he might have had to wait days. “It is like the school is working one to one with Jack, as teachers can now concentrate on individual students better and give them the help they need,” says Donna.

One thing Jack particularly enjoys is listening to music and this relaxes him a lot. “We have a very busy house and my eldest son struggles with autism; it can make life difficult for all of us sometimes. He did have some behaviour issues before and I know that having the device has helped him.

“It has made a big difference to me personally and my other children too: we really feel like it has brought us all on and we are part of the future now.”