Digital Poverty Alliance

The Learning Foundation launched the Digital Poverty Alliance in early 2021 with support from Currys and the Institution of Engineering & Technology. Our ambition is to end digital poverty once and for all by 2030

The digital divide is not going away.

Although improved at a total level due to the Pandemic. This is not universal.

This is not a binary issue.

New levels of connectivity + technology are further compounding + causing new exclusions. These often reflect, reproduce + amplify divides which exist between socio economic class, ethnicity, + gender to name but a few.

There is not enough progress.

Despite significant initiatives, investments such as the Governments 1.3 million laptops + the Daily Mail’s £10.6 million raised in 3 weeks, significant reporting + communication of the issues by various outlets

The DPA are very proud of having two amazing core partners that support us in our work and have been there since we started.

Currys have a phrase which is that they would like everyone to enjoy amazing technology and, of course, we agree. Currys bring so much to the DPA in terms of influence and reach, a really deep understanding of tech and a genuine commitment to work with us to end digital poverty.

The Institution of Engineering & Technology have just celebrated their 150th year of existence and have an incredible 160,000 members worldwide.  They share our commitment to not only end digital poverty but also to do what they can to encourage and invest in our young people as they learn and grow.

Together we can end digital
once + for all.

Together we can end digital poverty.

There are some fantastic solutions to the digital divide but from a user perspective, these are often fragmented and don’t meet the total needs of the person and the people who are supporting them. We want to join up the system and enable a sustainable framework to deliver the change required.

Our DPA initial focus.

We want to connect the system and power up partners, champions and people who want to help to deliver holistic solutions for all the determinants of digital poverty and inequality, to those most in need more quickly.

We aim to do this by:

  • Creating and hosting community spaces where cross sector partners, champions, and people with a diversity of views and experience can come together to learn from one another, share what works and tools, remove duplication, and co-create solutions where there are gaps.
  • Enabling a collective voice to drive collective action. We want to integrate insight, evaluations, and recommendations to enable simpler user journeys for partners and policy makers to drive the change required and create a cohesive National Digital Poverty Delivery Plan.

Get Involved

Together we can bridge the digital divide and end digital poverty once and for all

We welcome individuals, companies + organisations to join us of any size or shape or constitution – from local community organisations to national government departments.

Be part of our community

Contributions will vary as appropriate – from gifts-in-kind such as particular capabilities or deliverables that you might bring such as research or marketing project and financial support.

You may also bring great passion and a genuine desire for change and want to help within a solid and broader framework.  Whatever you might bring we are keen to hear from you. Please contact us today!

I am…delighted to accept the position as Chair of the Digital Poverty Alliance, a newly formed organisation committed to making sure that families don’t have to suffer the injustice of being excluded from digital life.

Our vision is to enable a world that enables everyone to have an equal + sufficient opportunity for the life-changing benefits that digital brings. Over the coming months, we are creating a local + global community of organisations collaborating + uniting under a common cause. We’ll start in the UK, but quickly engage with global partners that share our values.”

Lord Jim Knight
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