Passionate about getting I.T. right for schools, children, teachers, and families.

Set up an equitable 1:1 digital device Programme for ALL your pupils with our Donation Management Service.

Are you a school looking to implement digital devices on a 1:1 basis?

You’ll undoubtedly have seen lots of information about introducing I.T. into learning already. But is it right for your school?

Learning and teaching in the 21st century school requires pupils and teachers to have access to technology when and where it is appropriate. A portable personal device, to be used for a few minutes, or longer, as part of a lesson, or for revision, homework, and extended research, replaces the pre-booked, whole class trip to the ICT Suite. From laptops to tablets to smartphones, the future lies in personal access to digital resources as part of a blended learning approach.

What's the need?

In this 2022 Digital Age it is unjust for any school children not to have their own 1:1 digital device to use in school and at home. Research has evidenced that pupils who do not have a device of their own continue to lag behind their peers who do.

Without a sustainable and equitable provision, pupils who are already challenged through family circumstances will continue to fall behind.

The decision to run a 1:1 programme can often feel overwhelming and out of reach. Our Donation Management Service will help you with decision making and planning; ensuring all children in your school, year, class or cohort have personal access to a device according to your needs.

What benefits does a Donation Management Service (DMS) bring to your school?

Solve the issue of 1:1 digital provision for your pupils in a sustainable, future-proof way. Our donation management service allows a school to teach all the pupils equitably across the school helping to ensure each has the opportunity to reach their potential irrespective socio-economic challenges.

Young school boy in uniform using laptop in a classroom with an illustration of a stack of books to the right of the frame
  • Increase pupil access to technology in readiness for GCSEs, A-Levels, T-Levels, Apprenticeships, Further Education and work.
  • Improve pupil literacy, numeracy and digital skills.
  • Ensure equal opportunities for all pupils, and leave no one behind, no matter if they donate to the programme.
Equitable, 1:!1 Devices, Sustainable, GiftAid income, Home & School access, Futureproof

So, how does our Donation Management Service (DMS) work?

Equitable, Sustainable and Repeatable, Year on Year, to ensure every pupil benefits, irrespective of whether a donation is made in their name to the Programme.


Setup – FREE cloud-hosted donation management service portal for your school, with live data and reporting. Find out more about our portal here.


Donors – Donation amounts determined by the school. We put together a full financial illustration once we have the device costs. Donations are made to each Programme either by direct debit or a one-off donation.


Donations – We collect and manage all donations for school Programmes through direct debit as well as collecting an extra 25% Gift Aid where eligible from HMRC, when donors elect to do this on the platform sign up.


Payments & Reporting – All Donations and 90% of Gift Aid is granted back to the school quarterly in arrears. We take nominal set up, donation and quarterly charges


Ongoing support – Free training workshops for School Programme administrators. Telephone and email service support to schools and donors during office hours.

Watch the demonstration of our Donation Management Service (DMS) portal:

What makes us different?

  • No subscription.
  • Allow your school to thrive and reach optimal productivity with our live, real-time reporting on the DMS portal.
  • We collect Gift Aid on eligible donations and grant 90% back to you for investment into future programmes.
  • We provide free 1:1 portal demonstrations and training School and Trust staff.
  • Partnerships with the Learning Foundation and Digital Poverty Alliance provide opportunities for grants, devices, and benefits.

The Digital Poverty Alliance also commission research into technology enhanced learning and campaign to eliminate digital poverty.

As a Charity with 20+ years’ experience, we are passionate about getting I.T. right for schools, teachers, pupils and their families. We continue to carry out research with our third, public and private sector partners to convene and inform on the digital provision landscape and how to address obstacles to success.

We have pulled together the latest and most powerful research to help understand this and combined it along with real case studies of schools that have already been on the journey.

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