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inspiring learning through technology

Does it make a difference?

Does it work?You’ll undoubtedly have seen lots of information about introducing IT into learning already, but does it really work and is it right for you and your school?

We say that we can show you many schools that are absolutely sure that it does work. Of course there are many factors that will influence the success, or otherwise, of a programme. At the end of the day it isn’t all about the technology at all, it’s abut how you use it! A computer can be as much or as little use as a blackboard. Unless your teaching staff understand how to integrate it into the normal teaching process so that it isn’t any more special or integral as a blackboard or whiteboard, then you won’t be getting the real benefits that technology can offer.

There is a lot of information out there, some totally supportive and some less so but if you want to spend your time analysing it all to find that ‘proof’ that will make it an easy decision you will spend the rest of your years looking and not doing! The head at one of our Regional Champion School’s put it very clearly – “sometimes you have to take a leap of faith”. Well we wouldn’t ever suggest you jump in without doing some practical research but we would suggest you talk to the schools that have made the leap and find out how they did it and what the benefits are for them. You will gain a great deal more benefit from that than reading pages and pages of research!

Watch the video below as a perfect introduction, then talk to us and we will guide you through the process of discovery.