Why schools use us

Our vision is to fully address the current situation where, despite growth in home access to the internet, there are still more than 2 million children in the UK who have little or no access to a device or cannot get online at home.

Why schools use us

Planning and running a programme where every child has a computer that they use in school and at home is a complex process. Schools use us to help ensure that they have a successful and sustainable programme. To be successful requires that many things are considered, evaluated and prepared for and this means getting to grips with many new areas.

Time is a precious commodity and by bringing our many years of experience of helping schools understand and launch successful programmes, we can save schools a great deal of time and avoid pitfalls that others have experienced.

We might be working with a school on just one aspect of their programme but the Foundation is able to offer advice on every aspect including planning and financing, consulting with teachers, children, and parents and carers like you as well as the actual implementation, launch and all aspects of the management and administration of an effective and viable learning scheme.

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We are expert in our knowledge and experience of running affordable, sustainable and self–funding mobile programmes which involve home access. It is also important to say that as we are completely independent and objective, we can give you and the school the best advice to suit your precise needs as we have no commercial interest or shareholders to keep happy.

Once the programme is launched we might continue to help by taking away some of the burden of the financial management of donations, if your school decides to go down that route, while also generating the additional Gift Aid income that we can claim on parental donations from the Government as a registered charity.

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