What We Believe

We believe that, as a parent, no-one is more interested in your child achieving their best at school and becoming the people that they want to be. As such you will want to be involved as much as you can in their learning and digital helps you to do that too!

What we believe

The first things we would like to say is a huge “Thank you” to you and to the tens of thousands of parents that we have worked with. Because of you, schools everywhere have been able to introduce technology into their schools and be amongst the first to provide children with the wonderful opportunities that come with learning through the use of technology in class and at home.

With money from government ever tighter, schools have turned to parents to help to fund their new learning programmes. And parents have responded so positively – helping not just their own child to benefit from this transformational learning but all of the children – and especially those that could otherwise not afford to join in.

Simply put, we believe that introducing technology into learning at school and at home can transform learning for all children – from the most able to those that struggle. For the most able students it helps them and their teachers to provide more challenging and stretching tasks and information; for those struggling at school it means that they can engage with learning in different ways, they can bring their learning home and continue that there and they can manage their own learning in a way that builds confidence and interest; it can even help with reducing truancy.

Technology can bring big changes and help you as a parent too. Children can share their learning with you more easily and it becomes easier to see what they are doing and what they need to do and how you can support them.

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