Taking ownership

The device will increasingly be a key part of your child’s learning and life and needs attention.

Taking ownership

Every 1:1 programme (where every child has their own device to use in class and at home) is a partnership between the school, the parents and the pupil. Everyone has a role to play and a set of responsibilities that ensure the programme is effective and sustainable.

In order to make sure that everyone understands their contribution to the programme’s success the school will prepare a document, known as an ‘Acceptable Use Policy‘ (AUP) or more often a Home/School Agreement, that all three partners sign to confirm that they understand and accept their part of the deal.

The Home/School Agreement will vary from school to school but is generally a simple document that outlines some basic usage rules, who owns what and the importance of taking care of the device. It will also cover what to do if the computer develops a fault or is broken in some way

The Home / School agreement will set out:

  • What the School will provide and how the device will be used, both in class and at home
  • What the parental responsibilities are when the device is at home
  • What the pupil’s responsibilities are with regard to looking after the device, keeping it safe and not using it inappropriately
  • What to do if the device is damaged or stolen and well as how to take simple precautions to avoid this.

Although the device will be insured that doesn’t remove the responsibility to look after it. There will be a clear schedule of what happens if a device is damaged more than once and that will include the requirement for the family to pay an excess charge on further damage or loss claims. This is an important and very fair requirement as the insurance cost of the devices is considerable and repeated claims will push up the cost of future premiums – just like your car or house insurance.

It is also important that the pupil & parents understand the insurance issues regarding theft and particularly that, if it is stolen while left unattended it will NOT be covered by insurance and the cost of replacement may well fall on the parents / pupil.

Before the device is released to the pupil, and once you have read and understood the agreement all three parties will be asked to sign it; the Headteacher, a parent or guardian and the pupil themselves. This confirms that they agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement.

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