How we protect your data

Misuse of personal information by some charities and other organisations has recently become an area of considerable concern, and rightly so. We felt it was therefore important that we are clear about how we protect your data.

How we protect your data

Because of the services we offer, the Learning Foundation is placed in a position of considerable trust by schools and parents. When we manage the donations for a school programme it is necessary for us to have and hold full address and bank or credit card details of all of the parents that donate. By giving us this personal information there are two concerns that you may have, firstly that your financial information is safe and protected from theft and fraud, and secondly that your personal contact information is not made available to other organisations (charities or commercial) for unrelated marketing use.

Financial protection

In order for us to comply with financial management rules and regulations we have a number of data protection processes in place.

  1. Credit cards – Once a payment has been set up, our computers hold just four numbers of any card number along with the expiry date. This means that it is impossible for us or anyone appropriating the data to be able to make a transaction on a card.
  2. Direct Debits – Because our system has to process Direct Debits every month we have to keep the full account number and sort code on our computer. These are therefore kept on a very secure, password-protected location that is not accessible online. In addition to this, even in our offices, only 2 approved members of staff can access the information.
  3. When and if a paper donation form is used, once the form has been processed it is scanned and held in a secure location, the original form is then destroyed.

Personal Information

The Learning Foundation has a very strict policy regarding the protection of your personal information.

  1. We protect your address and contact information with the same degree of security as we do your financial information
  2. Access to your personal address and contact information is password protected within a secure system and only accessible inside or outside of our offices by authorised staff members.
  3. We NEVER have and NEVER will give or sell personal information, either for an individual or ‘en masse’, to any other charity or organisation.

If you have any concerns about the security of your personal information please do not hesitate to contact us by calling us on: 01344 636413 or emailing us at:

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