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You have more influence than you can imagine with your child’s school and their education. If you’d like to see more use of devices in your child’s school – read on…

Our Trustees

We are delighted that you would like to encourage your school to look at running a 1:1 programme. Input and  encouragement from parents is a great way for the school to know what’s wanted and this can be a great help in getting the ball rolling – especially with new programmes like this. Obviously there is a lot involved before a school can go forward with the idea but we are happy to help you and them every step of the way.

To help you make the first approach we have prepared a leaflet with a simple explanation of why they should have a good look at it and how we can help them.

So how should you go about it?

This is a big ‘ask’ you are going to put to the school and we know from experience that a 1:1 programme will only succeed and be sustainable (year on year) when these key factors are firmly in place.

  • The school has a clear strategy and commitment to the programme and that there is at least one ‘project champion’ and ideally two or three
  • The teaching staff are given the additional training they will need to ensure they can seamlessly integrate the technology into their teaching
  • The infrastructure (the broadband and WiFi) in the school, is fully able to support the large number of devices that will be using it
  • The finances have been thoroughly reviewed and parents are supportive enough to consider contributing to the programme on a continuing basis

There are many other factors that also have to be considered but we know that if these four are not solidly addressed then the chance of the programme succeeding is seriously jeopardised.

Clearly the majority of these factors are very much under the control of the school but as a parent you can light the fuse that could start the ball rolling. Just a simple approach to the Head or other teaching staff and asking them to consider the idea – if they are not already doing that.

How to put your case

Demonstrating that you have an understanding of the benefits and how they are achieved will obviously make your presentation more powerful and effective. We wouldn’t recommend an in-depth study (unless you have a particular desire to do so!) but we have been building up a large resource of research and advice, all of which you will find on our website under the ‘SCHOOLS’ section where you will find sections on evidence along with our  Toolkit for Schools that works through every stage.

We believe that your time is best spent in being able to present the benefits rather than the challenges. Once you have the buy-in then the next best step is to point the school towards our website and our dedicated  School Liaison Managers (who are identified on our Where to start page) who will talk them through how it can work in your school.

From our experience we can predict the common concerns / objections that you may encounter and you can see the favourites in the panel.

  • It will cost far too much, we can’t possibly afford it
  • It’s just a gimmick and has no educational benefit
  • We can’t trust the children not to break or lose them
  • They will just play games on it and be distracted in class
  • I’d love to but our teachers will never agree / master using them / buy into their use

For all of these arguments (and many more) we have solid evidence to prove them wrong. We can show working examples in all types of schools where every type of demographic challenge has been overcome. Just let us prove that it can work and is worth the effort.

Why use the Learning Foundation?

We are an independent charity that has been helping schools for over 15 years. In that time we have advised over 1000 schools and helped over 500,000 children.

We are truly independent and have no commercial connection with any manufacturers or suppliers. We do however have a relationship with a growing number of companies that have helped schools in the past and understand the particular challenges that they face. Putting the school in touch with these companies can save time and frustration but the school is under no obligation to use any of them if they prefer not to.

What we do offer is access to our experienced and capable regional School Liaison Managers who will advise and guide as much or as little as is required. We have also developed our donation management service that allows us to pass on the benefit of Gift Aid into the programme, adding up to another 25% to any income raised through donations.

In return for our advice and support all we ask is that the school becomes a member by paying a modest annual fee (currently just £295+VAT for a secondary school and £175 for a primary school) to help cover the cost of the services we offer.

For more information call us on 01344 636413 or email info@learningfoundation.org.uk

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