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Screen time advice

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Families and Screen Time “School holidays… a time when exhausted children (and parents) negotiate over ‘screen time’ with sometimes-fierce intensity.” This is how a great new piece of research from the London School of Economics was introduced last month. The research is excellent, well worth a read and is available here: LSE – Screen Time... Read more »

In-class time machine

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have access to a time machine? Forget all that stuff about going back and accidentally killing your grandfather and snuffing yourself out of existence, or changing the course of history by squishing a butterfly. Imagine being able to check out what Julius Caesar was doing... Read more »

Free eye screening kit

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Because vision is so important for learning, children with reduced vision may be disadvantaged in the classroom because: They have difficulty seeing the board or screen at the front of the class They have difficulty reading close up – the words appear to be blurred or doubled. They experience eye strain or headaches. They struggle... Read more »


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We will soon celebrate our 15th birthday having established the Foundation as the e-Learning Foundation in 2000 but incorporating as a charity on April 26th 2001. April 2016 will see us evolve and become the Learning Foundation. Let me tell you a little about the thinking… Life has changed considerably since we launched and we... Read more »

Financing schemes

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The good, the bad and the ugly! There’s a lot of talk at the moment about financing schemes so I thought I’d add my pennyworth. There never seems enough money to do everything you want regardless of how much you have although there are a few people I can think of where I suspect that’s... Read more »