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Digital parent – Learn | Create | Support

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The Education Foundation and the Learning Foundation are partnering on ‘Digital Parent’ – a space to share ideas and views on education technology. Over the coming months we will be developing various spaces to aid parents in understanding what’s best for their child when it comes to access and use of digital devices and the... Read more »

Everyone benefits from learning technology

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“We all feel part of the future now…………..” When Donna’s son Jack (not his real name) got a computer via his school’s e-learning programme it proved to be a real turning point. Quiet and not one to ask questions at school, Jack tended to miss out on things; he didn’t really enjoy doing homework, as... Read more »

Connected learning already a reality

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Over a family meal with friends on Saturday I talked to their 16 year old daughter who is due to start her GCSEs in 17 days (she was very specific!). She is, as many youngsters are now, under some pressure to perform well – at A or A* star level – for university places, for... Read more »

Tech on the Tyne, all mine, all mine

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The joys of ‘human scale’ edtech events Merlin John Regional edtech events have many advantages over the behemoths like London’s BETT show at ExCeL, not least of which are human scale, rich networking, easy access and atmospheric location. These are all true of the Animate 2 Educate Tech on the Tyne Conference on Friday June... Read more »

Worsening KS1 Gap

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Attainment Gap at KS1 widening and worsening for those from the poorest backgrounds. We were really saddened to see the results of the new assessments at key stage 1, published today (29th September). The gap between pupils on free school meals (FSM) and other pupils reaching the, then, expected standard (level 2b) had been closing... Read more »

New Literature Review

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On the Impact of Digital Technology on Learning and Teaching   In developing the new Digital Learning strategy for Scotland, published last week, the Scottish Government commissioned a full literature survey to explore how the use of digital technology for learning and teaching can support teachers, parents, children and young people in improving outcomes and... Read more »

Scotland leads the way

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We applaud the launch last week of the new Scottish Government strategy that aims to ensure all learners and educators are able to benefit from digital technology in their education. For some time digital technology has been embedded within Scottish education but, despite the pervasive nature of digital technology, the government in Scotland had felt... Read more »

Quality education for all

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“Grammar schools will reimpose a social divide at odds with technological advances. We need to think more radically about how to change education.” …So says Paul Mason in an excellent Opinion piece in the Guardian on Monday (8th Aug 2016) – Paul Mason opinion piece And how right he is. And the fact is that the technology... Read more »

Screen time advice

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Families and Screen Time “School holidays… a time when exhausted children (and parents) negotiate over ‘screen time’ with sometimes-fierce intensity.” This is how a great new piece of research from the London School of Economics was introduced last month. The research is excellent, well worth a read and is available here: LSE – Screen Time... Read more »

In-class time machine

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have access to a time machine? Forget all that stuff about going back and accidentally killing your grandfather and snuffing yourself out of existence, or changing the course of history by squishing a butterfly. Imagine being able to check out what Julius Caesar was doing... Read more »

Free eye screening kit

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Because vision is so important for learning, children with reduced vision may be disadvantaged in the classroom because: They have difficulty seeing the board or screen at the front of the class They have difficulty reading close up – the words appear to be blurred or doubled. They experience eye strain or headaches. They struggle... Read more »