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Worsening KS1 Gap

Attainment Gap at KS1 widening and worsening for those from the poorest backgrounds.

We were really saddened to see the results of the new assessments at key stage 1, published today (29th September). The gap between pupils on free school meals (FSM) and other pupils reaching the, then, expected standard (level 2b) had been closing in all three subjects since 2010.

In Maths the gap declined from 12% to 8% between 2010 and 2015. But at the new expected standard, there is now a gap of 18 percentage points in Maths with just 58% of pupils on FSM achieving the standard.

Similarly in Writing, the gap was 13 percentage points in 2015 and has now widened to 18 points. In Reading, the gap was 10 points in 2015 and has now risen to 17 points.

The more we fail our children at this young age the more difficult we make it for them to go on to achieve their real potential and become successful adults.

With an ambition for a world class education for all of our children we want to see 100% success at all levels and settle for nothing less but particularly, particularly, at this crucial formative stage.

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