App of the Month

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App of the Month

With the help of the excellent Educational App Store we have selected a number of Apps that we consider to be ideal for education. Every App is reviewed by a peer group of educators and assessed by them at a number of levels. Go onto their website (above) for more information about this process and about what Apps are recommended for what. Each month we pick out a new example for Secondary and Primary level with all of them being collated and held in the archive on their site.

Primary Apps

App of the Month

Math Bakery 2 – Continue Counting

Maths Bakery has introduced many children to simple addition and subtraction using its clear and supportive approach. The follow-up app, Maths Bakery 2, keeps the visual scaffolding and attractive design to take children’s understanding of addition and subtraction into using the column method.

Secondary Apps

App of the Month

Tricks for Math – Cool Tips

A deep understanding of maths is essential for developing a mastery of the subject but even the ablest mathematician uses tricks to simplify arithmetic. These tricks are simple to learn and can speed up mental calculations. Tricks for Math passes on some of these shortcuts to achieving answers in arithmetic.

Workflow Apps


This is a very popular App used by many schools to great effect. Showbie is a cloud storage solution designed specifically for schools that allow pupils to hand in homework electronically. It allows you to effortlessly assign, collect, and review pupil work from anywhere.

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