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Regional Champion Events

Regional Champion School logoWe have identified a number of schools around the country for recognition as Regional Champions. These schools demonstrate excellence in the application and management of a fully inclusive and sustainable 1:1 technology programme (where every child has their own device to use in class and at home).

Teaching staff involved in the programme have been trained so that they are confident in involving technology, can use it effectively and fluidly as an integral learning tool.

The school’s WiFi is capable of managing the number of devices deployed in the programme and they have a well organised and efficient repair and replacement policy and system to minimise any problems and the amount of time any pupils might be without a device.

Because one of the key values of a true 1:1 programme is access at home as well as in school, their pupils have been surveyed to assess their home access to the Internet and, where it is not available, they have made reasonable efforts to help make it available. The school will also be using the technology to improve their parental engagement and providing better communication with them.

Regional Champion School events

Regional Champion Schools will be running open days at various times throughout the year and we will keep a calendar below of the planned events.


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