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Schools – Why not get involved and take part in the campaign?

  • Are you able to confirm that 100% of your pupils can go online at home?
  • Concerned that some of your pupils never seem to complete homework that needed them to use the Internet?
  • Have you got home email addresses for all your parents?
  • Are your teachers taking full advantage of digital teaching and learning resources?

Yes – Every pupil in my school has Internet access at home

If you believe that every pupil in your school has Internet access at home then get involved and enter your school for recognition under the Mind the Gap Challenge. Your claim will be validated by the Learning Foundation and you will then be listed on our website as an “Inclusive Digital School” able to take full advantage of the Internet with no child left behind. We will also present you with a certificate that recognises your completion of the challenge. We might also want to highlight your achievements by documenting how you have achieved 100% access in a Case Study that will be published on the website and included in our national publicity campaign.

No – But I believe it is important and would like to register

If you can’t claim you have achieved 100%, but believe it is important to be able to do so then accept the Mind the Gap Challenge by registering with us. Use the Mind the Gap Toolkit that provides a range of strategies, resources and offers, both for schools and families to help you get every child connected.