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We focus on three critical aspects of every programme we work on. Programmes must be effective sustainable and equitable.

Our Services

There are three separate elements to our work at the Foundation:

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Direct support

The Foundation provides direct one-to-one personal advice to schools about all aspects of introducing technology. We do this by working with the school management, teaching staff and governors to assist with the parental consultation process, providing advice on finance, guidance on device selection & CPD and helping you manage your 1:1 programme.

This advice is provided through our team of Schools Liaison Managers (SLMs). We also provide support through this website where you can find toolkits, advice, template letters and everything you need to help with the introduction of IT into classrooms and learning to help children achieve their best.

Donation Management Service

The Foundation provides a unique funding support service which we call the ‘Donation Management Service’ (DMS). As a registered charity we are able to not only help manage your parental contributions but, because they are donations, we are also able to apply Gift Aid to the donations. This lifts qualifying contributions by as much as 25% and helps to cover the costs involved with administering the programme and in many cases can boost the sums available to your school to spend on the programme.


Research and policy development

We know that many children are not fulfilling their potential because they are disengaged from their learning at school or at home. There are many reasons for this but the more common ones are that their individual learning style isn’t being addressed, there’s no support available to them with their homework or that they lack confidence.

We know that schools struggle to find the time to support each child individually; to engage parents in learning; to track and assess their pupils’ progress in real time and to manage all the complexities that come with running a school. Increasingly limited budgets to introduce new systems don’t help. These problems are further intensified for children and schools working in disadvantaged communities.

Our experience shows where a school fully embraces all of the elements of a 1:1 programme, this translates into an immediate and lasting improvement in engagement in school and at home and improved attainment levels naturally follow. So what we do is to show schools how they can best implement a programme that engages children more easily, effectively and economically. We do this by promoting the benefits of 1:1 programmes; by engaging schools so they understand what the benefits are; and we work directly with individual schools to implement a sustainable 1:1 programme.

What we’re known for is working with schools with high numbers of children from disadvantaged backgrounds and schools struggling to reach attainment levels; we help them to implement schemes that enable their pupils to close the attainment gap which, in turn, emphatically enhances their employment opportunities and their lifetime earnings potential.


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