About us

The Learning Foundation is an independent charity launched in 2001 dedicated to helping children achieve their full potential through the effective use of technology to enhance their learning. Here you will find full details of our beliefs, our strategy and our people.

History & Development

For more than 20 years we have been providing independent advice and guidance to schools on the best way to introduce 1:1 technology, where every child has their own device to use in class and at home.

Our vision is to enable all schools and students to engage with technology in a safe and secure way that genuinely enables them to enhance their teaching and learning and to impact on the appalling divide that has long stricken the UK where still too many children and young people are leaving school without their ambitions, dreams, abilities and potential being fully realised or realisable.

Launched as a registered charity in 2001, our aim is to ensure all children have access at home and at school to exciting learning resources so that they may fulfil their potential and overcome disadvantage. We achieve this by working in partnership with schools, parents, charities and businesses.

We know that children achieve their potential when they feel engaged with learning. So we enable teachers and parents to inspire engagement through technology.


We believe strongly in collaboration and partnership with organisations that share our objectives and concerns. We do not believe in re-inventing the wheel, and are always looking to build relationships with organisations that can provide support to schools and families in ways that are complementary to the services we provide.

We see partnerships as mutually beneficial and we are keen to lend whatever reputation, resource, weight or support we can to our partners and to others. We are keen and happy to talk to partners from all aspects of life and all shapes and sizes.

We work hard to maintain our independence and objectivity and we receive no funding from government or suppliers. This enables us to provide advice which is genuinely objective and the best fit for the schools we work with.  We would like to do more and if you can help us to do that, please contact us.

If you think we can help you or you’d like to explore how you might be able to support us and you can see an opportunity for collaboration please email our CEO, Paul Finnis at: paul@learningfoundation.org.uk

Trustees and Core Team

Our Patrons

The charity is delighted to have the patronage of four senior people in education including two of our former Chairman.
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Our Trustees

The main governing body of the charity is made up of our 8 Trustees who bring a wealth of experience in a variety of specialist areas, all of great value to the Foundation.
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Advisory Panel

We are not in favour of re-inventing the wheel or spending time that could be better used advising schools, becoming experts in specialist areas. Instead we are building a panel of experts in specific fields that are directly or indirectly connected with 1:1 technology within schools. We will be calling on the panel to guide both us and schools as and when required. We are immensely grateful to all those who support the Foundation’s work and especially to these panellists.

If you are interested in joining the panel or you know someone who might be interested, or are looking for advice in one of the areas covered, please email our CEO, Paul Finnis at: paul@learningfoundation.org.uk

These are the specialists currently on the panel:

Adrian Oldknow – Honorary STEM Advisor

Professor Diana Laurillard – Honorary Research Advisor

Dr Neelam Parmar

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