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The Learning Foundation is an independent charity launched in 2001 dedicated to helping children achieve their full potential through the effective use of technology to enhance their learning. 

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The Problem

Despite growth in home access to the internet, there are still more than 2 million children in the UK who have little or no access to a device or cannot get online at home, limiting their education opportunities, and their chances of reaching their full potential as individuals.

If the UK is to maintain its leading digital nation status then it is vital that all young people leave school confident and competent users of IT. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower schools and students to enhance their teaching and learning experiences, and ensure that all children in the UK have equal access to the internet and devices for education, eliminating the current gap that affects over 2 million children.

As a registered charity since 2001, we’ve been offering independent advice and guidance to schools, promoting 1:1 technology for engaged learning both in class and at home.

Our donation management service allows a school to teach all the pupils equitably across the school helping to ensure each has the opportunity to reach their potential irrespective socio-economic challenges.

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Our Principles

graphic showing our principles: equity of access, sustainability, home access and partnerships

From the outset, the Foundation has adopted four key criteria that set out our objectives for school programmes and we continue to abide by them today…

1 - Equity of access

We work with schools that seek to provide equity of access.  To us this means that every child in a cohort or year group has the same ability and opportunity to access and benefit equally from their school’s technology. We don’t just mean in the classroom and around the school premises but at home as well.

Access to this technology is the right of every child, regardless of their parents’ ability to contribute to or participate in the programme.

2 - Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our model. The education world is littered with projects that grind to a halt three years on when the equipment needs replacing. We work with our partner schools to identify funding solutions that are long-term and sustainable ensuring that the school can replace equipment when it needs replacing, and can also expand its learning activities to eventually include every single pupil at the school.

3 - Home access

Home access is absolutely fundamental to success. The Foundation works hard to support schools looking to extend access to IT beyond the school gate and in ensuring home access and broadband is universally available. Research confirms that high levels of home access to a computer and to the internet makes a significant impact on the learning outcomes of schoolchildren as the children and their parents engage with learning after the school day has finished.

4 - Partnerships

The Foundation has big ambitions and this combined with a sense of urgency means that the task is beyond a single organisation. We are committed to working in partnerships with other individuals and agencies who share a common aim or link with a shared audience. These partnerships are genuinely two-way and mutual with each of us contributing however and whatever we can to reach the children, the schools, the families or communities that most need our support.

In 2021 we launched a new initiative – Digital Access for All.

This was augmented in 2021 with the launch of the Digital Poverty Alliance which is committed to ending digital poverty once and for all by 2030.

Our People

Our Patrons

The charity is delighted to have the patronage of four senior people in education including two of our former Chairman.
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Our Trustees

The main governing body of the charity is made up of our 8 Trustees who bring a wealth of experience in a variety of specialist areas, all of great value to the Foundation.
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Our Advisory Panel

We are not in favour of re-inventing the wheel or spending time that could be better used advising schools, becoming experts in specialist areas. Instead we are building a panel of experts in specific fields that are directly or indirectly connected with 1:1 technology within schools. 

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Digital Poverty Alliance

The Learning Foundation launched the Digital Poverty Alliance in early 2021 with support from Currys and the Institution of Engineering & Technology. Our ambition is to end digital poverty once and for all by 2030.

The Learning Foundation supports children to achieve their full potential through effective use of technology. However, through our continued work with schools, we felt that many schools did not have capacity to help families and children get online quickly enough. So, what other ways are there to reach families who are disconnected?

The Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA) initiative was born from the need to systemically address the five determinants of digital poverty across wider areas of society being left behind. In the next year, the DPA seeks to publish a much-needed National Delivery Plan setting out the actions needed to end digital poverty in the UK by 2030.

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