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Free eye screening kit

Paul's reflectionsBecause vision is so important for learning, children with reduced vision may be disadvantaged in the classroom because:

  • They have difficulty seeing the board or screen at the front of the class
  • They have difficulty reading close up – the words appear to be blurred or doubled.
  • They experience eye strain or headaches.
  • They struggle with tasks involving hand eye coordination and experience difficulty distinguishing colours.

Children with uncorrected vision problems can present with symptoms similar to specific learning difficulties.  Others can be hyperactive or have a reduced attention span.

SchoolScreener EZ is an on-line vision screening system designed by vision scientists at City University London.  The solution has been created to enable teachers, teaching assistants and others within schools to rapidly identify children who may have poor vision (including problems with colour vision).  The test takes just 3 minutes to complete. The software then generates a personalised report for parents/carers explaining the results and recommending a course of action.

The solution is suitable for primary and secondary schools, and parents can rest assured that pupils’ data remains secure.  Thanks to the support of Specsavers, all schools in the UK are being offered free access to this valuable screening system.  Register now to receive your free screening kit including everything you need to introduce this exciting new tool in your school.

SchoolScreener EZ is sponsored by Specsavers and is completely free to schools – all you have to do is register.

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