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Are you a school looking to implement digital devices on a 1:1 basis? Do you need advice on how best to fund your programme including laptops or tablets for your pupils to use at school and at home?

We are a registered charity with over 21 years of experience working with Schools to ensure that every child benefits from access to a laptop. We believe every child should have access to a laptop and the internet to improve and enable:

  • Access to digital technology
  • Readiness for GCSEs, A Level & T Levels, Apprenticeships and Further Education. 
  • Literacy and numeracy and digital skills.
  • Student support for social, emotional, mental health and learning needs.
  • Matching each pupil's learning needs and pace. 
  • Staff to focus on each pupil’s learning needs. 
  • Home and school access to learning. 
Passionate about getting I.T. right for schools, children, teachers, and families.

Donation Management Service (DMS)

Solve the issue of 1:1 digital provision for your pupils in a sustainable, future-proof way. Our Donation Management Service (DMS), a unique funding support service, allows a school to teach all the pupils equitably across the school helping to ensure each has the opportunity to reach their potential irrespective socio-economic challenges.

Every pupil is included.
Every pupil benefits.
Every pupil has school and home learning.

We work with schools at all levels to explore what works for you. Set up an equitable 1:1 digital device Programme for ALL your pupils today.

Access to technology is imperative in our society today. The impact technology has had, and continues to have, on education is profound and our carefully curated and bespoke 1:1 device programmes ensures that all students are equipped with the tools and platforms to learn and engage in an ever-increasing digital landscape.

Luke Ravenscroft
Director of Innovations and Educational AI Research Bishop Challoner Catholic College
Luke Ravenscroft

Projects & Initiatives


Education is the cornerstone of a prosperous society, and teachers play a vital role in shaping the future. The Learning Foundation, in collaboration with Currys and others in the Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA), are pleased to offer devices for teachers at selected partner schools who do not have a device that suits their needs at home.

Tech4Teachers is a transformative program designed to equip educators with the digital equipment, skills and resources necessary to deliver high-quality, technology-driven education. By empowering teachers, we empower generations to come.

Read the case studies here.

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Digital Poverty Alliance

We support children to achieve their full potential through effective use of technology. However, through our continued work with schools, we felt that many schools did not have capacity to help families and children get online quickly enough. So, what other ways are there to reach families who are disconnected?

Launched in 2021, in partnership with the Institute of Engineering & Technology and Currys plc, we are driving change in digital poverty with the ambition of ending digital poverty in the UK once and for all by 2030. In the next year, the DPA seeks to publish a much-needed National Delivery Plan setting out the actions needed to end digital poverty in the UK by 2030.

Read more about the Digital Poverty Alliance..

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